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Name:Naomi J./Leithin Cluan/Sophia Catherine
38. I live with my spouse and two cats. Studying for a PhD in sociology of religion/disability studies.

I'm a Gaelic polytheist and a member of a couple of modern druid orders, with some influences remaining from Gnostic-ish Christianity (of various sorts).

My main blog is over at Wordpress. I might cross-post sometimes.

I'm disabled (I use the preferred 'British social model' term) and have various health problems. I've been a disability rights activist for twenty years (though I'm much less active of an activist than I used to be). I sometimes write about discrimination, specific health issues, or related experiences. Please don't undermine my experiences or tell me that your friend was 'cured' by taking this or that herb. And if I occasionally make a (giant) social faux pas, keeping in mind that I'm on the autistic spectrum is a good idea. (I will, of course, apologise and feel terrible anyway!)
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