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Three parts - meditation, offerings, affirmations.

We don't know if we can continue to use the grove that the group has been meeting in for dozens of years. We gave offerings in thanks to the spirits who have hosted us there for a long time.

Anonymous cards for each other. Mine: "You are strong enough to walk your own path."

Highly appropriate, when I don't feel like I even know where to start looking for it (although 'hold things in balance' is the advice that keeps turning up). The card is going on the altar so I can contemplate it in this more think-y half of the year.

It's been a really bad week of frustrating doctor's appointments and not feeling well enough to do the enormous piles of work that just keep growing. I'm not really in a spiritual mood - at all. But tonight I want to try dedicating the dark half of the year to Bui, giving my about-once-yearly offering to Aengus mac Og and Boann, and starting to bring the Morrigan back into my consciousness (I have red wine and whiskey for her) before I honour her in a major way at Samhain. I think that's enough not-at-all-reconstructionist-enough offerings for one Equinox!

I promised a fellow polytheist an offering to Lugh on his behalf, and I keep getting flashes of things that Lugh would appreciate, but I want to give him his own ritual. Soon.
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 I'm determined not to neglect this lovely shiny new journal, but I've been having one of *those* weeks. I'm fairly sure I'm anaemic (happens about once every eighteen months and my wonky body doesn't deal with it very well - I have EDS). But I've had no time to get to the doctor's - between attempting to write a thesis chapter, preparing for teaching starting next week, and doing stuff for my other job too. I will go on Monday (or my lovely wife might actually kill me). I might have to give up and take a day or two off soon, which will mean I look flaky in all three jobs. Ouch.

So I've had no real time for spiritual stuff, although I always do something at the shrine every day. It's occurred me to that my OBOD work has been seriously lacking since I did the fire ritual a few weeks ago (and promptly did nothing at all ritual-related with fire, although I have been having a general fiery time recently). I haven't been to any grove meetings for a couple of months, through a mix of circumstances, but there's an Autumn Equinox ritual coming up next week, and I'm again feeling that need to *choose a path* that I put aside for a while recently. My grove is full of the most wonderful people, but it's not my kind of Druidry (anymore), and I don't know how to broach that with them. I think they'll be fine with it, and there certainly won't be anyone demanding that I leave, but being relatively new to these things - well, it's scary and challenging to stake your claim to your own self-sovereignty with people who've been practising for decades. Oh, and then there's decisions to be made for the next directions. I think ADF is calling, but if I rush into that like I did with OBOD, I might regret a too-quick decision. And I want some time around and after Samhain to work on hearth-based ritual of my own, anyway.

Other stuff... I'm ridiculously excited about the return of my TV shows. When I'm reading all. day. long, it's challenging to come home and read some more, as much as I do want to do religious research. I really love coming home to Fringe or Community (both of which I think are short final seasons this year, but with any luck there'll be some promising replacement shows). The wife and I have been so happy that Doctor Who is back. The episodes have been sort-of-OK - we're hoping for a decent one tonight.

Right, must go and attend to garden and three cats before I have to go back to work.


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