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The reason for my recent silence is illness. It got COLD, my body gave up, and I'm taking two months off university. Well, I will be as soon as I've handed in the stats assignment I'm currently working on. Which is nearly done, thank all the gods (and several saints. Catherine of Alexandria, patron of scholars, is the main reason I keep going with any of this!)

ION, I'm doing some spellwork in relation to an upcoming referral. I hate doctors and I'm scared about this referral. Will probably come back to that one later. Need to have the appointment and finish the spellwork first.

I'm getting very interested in hoodoo - have been for a couple of years, but I'm starting to take it seriously now. It feels like I may be engaging in some cultural appropriation there, and that worries me a little - I'm not quite sure how to deal with that, and in an ideal world I'd be able to unearth some Gaelic folk magic in the myths and folklore (but any work on that is a lifelong project). But hoodoo is very effective magic for me, not least because it doesn't draw on my (extremely limited) energy as much as some of the revival druidry-style magic I do otherwise. And because folk magic chimes far more with the way I think than magic with ceremonial roots. I'm reading two books on Druid magic at the moment that are deeply ceremonially inspired (one is revival druidry, one is reform, but they both draw on the ceremonial stuff). And that just doesn't work with my worldview. Magic is not somehow above us - it is not a higher power or from a different realm. It's all around us, as much as the Otherworld is. It's in every herb and root in the soil; it's on every street corner of of the urban landscape; it's in every charged particle of the air and every drop of the river and every grain of sand on every beach in the world.

A few other things: ADF work continues, and I'm blogging for the Solitary Druid Fellowship (Teo Bishop's new project). I passed my OBOD Bardic Grade (my tutor loved my creative review - I did a lot of painting). I'm getting along *much* better with the ADF Dedicant Path than I was with OBOD's course, although of course nothing is perfect, and I continue to work on research in as close to a 'recon' way as I can. I have a project on the Ogham that I need to start; I have lots of reading to do on Indo-European stuff for ADF; and I want to do some (scholarly) research on Cailleach Bhearra and Arianrhod. So, this should be a quiet 'time off'...

And now, stats. Followed by pancakes.


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